Benefits of maintaining a Personal Health log book.

First step for taking control of ones heath is maintaining a Personal Health log book ( Medical Information and Diet Details )

One should record details such as

All the over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, herbs, and supplements you take with the dosages

Record what you eat daily in your diary. List how much you eat of each food.. Next, write down every detail of food you consume during the meal. Record the time of day you eat the meal

Sleeping hours ,Record how much sleep you got, the quality of your sleep and how you feel in the morning.

Workouts / Meditation details

Record any physical activity or other routine that you keep throughout the day.

Any body symptoms ( body pain, chest pain, leg stiffness, constipation, knuckle pain, allergies, headache ,asthma. Migraine, fever )

Quality of sex.

Results of routine tests, procedures or health screenings like Blood pressure, diabetes etc

Notes about your lifestyle habits: smoking, drinking,


Advantages of a Personal Logbook are manifold

Helps to organize and document your health, Diet and medication history

You have important medical information in one place to tell your doctor what he or she needs to know. Be sure to take your logbook to your doctor’s appointments. This will help you provide your doctor with exact information about your health.

Keep track of any medications you may be on.

Keep track of allergies, and other symptoms. Recall when symptoms for an illness began, got worse or better, and ended. For Example .. Noting when you began a new medication could explain a sudden spike in blood pressure.

Review the log book weekly to see what clues you come up with about certain foods, medicine and supplements and how each affects your mood, quality of sex  or physical health. make notes about what seems to work and what does not.

Since you  record for the number of cigarettes you smoke or the volume of alcoholic drinks you drink . You can set a weekly limit for the same.  Slowly get lifestyle habits under your control. Helps monitor diet goals viz a viz smoking ,alcoholic drinks drinking and junk food.

When you meet your healthcare service provider you can exactly share information the day when your symptoms started .

You can share information  which medicine you take at what time (Morning, Mid-day, Evening ,Bedtime, After/Before breakfast, After /Before lunch, After / before  dinner).

This is very crucial for prescription drugs as  1) each prescription drug has to be taken at a particular time for better absorption and to avoid various side effects. 2) The doctor can prescribe the exact medicines since there  are many medicines which interact with each other , and hamper the absorption of  medicines.

If you’re new to recording your health history, start with the basics and build from there. It’s never too late to start. These days there are many software applications or apps available where in you can maintain such details, easier will be to record it in simple diary/register/notebook. You should make it a point to update it daily as one tends to forget many of the above details the next  day.