Benefits of Napping.

Napping offers so many health benefits. It can change your life and put you on a real, steady path to meaningful all round personal development

The chemicals in our brain re balance as we sleep, making us feel more alert,even if we nap for 15-30 Minutes.

Napping helps us learn new information more easily. It helps overcome the negative effects of sleep deprivation on learning and memory.

Napping makes us more creative.

Napping promotes physical well-being, improve mood and memory, re-energize and sharpen our senses.

Napping improves Intellectual performance and accuracy in work performance increases too.

Brain activity of nappers remained higher throughout the day than for those who didn’t nap. mental clarity is higher

Napping Improves heart health and boosts immune system

People who don’t nap show higher levels of stress hormones, and experience more psychological strain.

Taking a nap could boost our performance in the gym.

Napping Improves self-confidence.”

Studies say short naps between 15 and 30 minutes can improve our productivity, help us relax and de stress, and improve our mood.

Studies also say while naps between 15 and 30 minutes are good, sleeping longer than that may make it harder to wake up, makes us feel sleepy and less productive. Most experts recommend sleeping slightly upright–it helps you avoid a deep sleep, which can be harder to awake from.