About Arogyam

The contents of many over the counter medicines are chemicals and toxic ingredients , and these chemicals are harmful to the human body. Unchecked and unsupervised consumption of OTC medicines is the main reason for side effects .Some of the common adverse effects are hair loss, overall weakness, weight gain, acidity, impotency, allergies etc.

With the rising awareness of side effects related to OTC medicines there is a growing desire to treat more health problems ourselves at home. There is also a push for more natural remedies that you can make yourself with organic, inexpensive ingredients, almost like a return to our grandparents’ roots when illnesses and minor injuries were treated at home.

Naturopathy favors a holistic approach with non-invasive treatment and encourages minimal use of surgery and drugs.

Benefits of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is convenient. Usage of House hold herbs fruits vegetables with little change in diet and lifestyle.

Naturopathy is less expensive than over the counter medicines.

Naturopathy is safer.

Arogyam.info is managed by a group  of trained and certified  naturopaths,  medical professionals  having sound experience in the healthcare industry.  We do research and analysis on a continuous basis and critically examine each and every information to exploit the miraculous effect of natural herbs, flowers, seeds, and spices in curing a broad spectrum of ailments and illnesses.  After detailed research, analysis and examination our research teams share their views.

Arogyam.Info basic goal is to help everybody to live a healthy life where in nature talks care of their ailments.

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